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What is Manga? Manga refers to Japanese comics with unique storyline, in-depth plots, and characters. The manga contains a broad range of genres: action-adventure, business and commerce, comedy, detective, historical drama, horror, mystery, romance, science fiction and fantasy, sexuality, sports and games, suspense and others. Manga is published in serial form and each series with 20 to 40 pages. Different from the American comics which target the younger people, manga are popular with people of all ages and backgrounds in Japan.

Manga are the most popular comic books from Japan. These are very interesting and funny comics. If you are finding free manga website to read manga online keep reading this. Below is the list of best manga website to download and read manga online. If you don’t know about manga keep reading this article you can know. Here is the best manga sites to download and read manga online.

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Twinkling Stars

Chapter 1 Apr 11, 07:29
Chapter 0 Apr 11, 07:29

Model (Miso)

Vol.1 Chapter 25 Mar 22, 10:10
Vol.1 Chapter 24 Mar 22, 10:10
Vol.1 Chapter 23 Mar 22, 10:10


Vol.1 Chapter 3 Mar 15, 09:37
Vol.1 Chapter 2 Mar 15, 09:37
Vol.1 Chapter 1 Mar 15, 09:37

Hyakuman Tsubu no namida

Chapter 9 Apr 04, 08:25
Chapter 8 Apr 04, 08:25
Chapter 7 Apr 04, 08:25

Records of the Southern Mist House

Chapter 6a Apr 10, 09:08
Chapter 6b Apr 10, 09:08
Chapter 6c Apr 10, 09:08


Vol.15 Chapter 162 Mar 20, 16:16
Vol.15 Chapter 161 Mar 20, 16:16
Vol.15 Chapter 160 Mar 20, 16:16

Kamengoshi ni, Kiss

Chapter 2 Apr 14, 08:39
Chapter 1 Apr 14, 08:39

Kin no Kanojo, Gin no Kanojo

Chapter 39 Jun 19, 17:14
Chapter 38 Jun 05, 16:55
Chapter 037 Apr 29, 13:35